How to: What are the “How to” posts?

This will probably be the most obvious, and easily answered, questions on this blog but I thought it was still useful to write a little about my motivations.

When I first started doing my family tree, and eventually as I got further into genealogy, I kept finding myself searching on the best way to do certain tasks. It was harder to find good information than I would have liked, and I didn’t find a great “one stop shop” where someone covered most of what I needed to know.

That’s what I’ll be trying to do through these series of posts. I want to share what I learned, but please understand this is ONE way of approaching these projects, and it’s MY way. It’s not necessarily the right way, it’s just how I figured out how to do it. This should at least give you a head start to begin with, as you start to figure out how best to approach things in your style!

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