Our Family Archives are now Online!

Our Family Archives are now Online!

When we inherited our first big set of archives from our family (The find of a lifetime…twice in a weekend) the promise we made was that anything shared with us would be made available to everyone, so the family could finally have access to all of the treasures that we’re entrusted with.

Since that time we’ve properly archived everything we received (10 Gaylord boxes of documents…and counting!), and we’ve received a few more collections. Today, we’ve flipped the switch on our new online archive, which has high-res scans of documents, all of which are categorized with proper metadata and tagged with an “Evidence Explained” quality citation (Archive Collections).

As of today, it’s only 29 of the 1000’s of documents, photos, letters, speeches, etc. we’ve received, but it’s taken almost 2 solid months of planning, learning SharePoint 2013 and things like the Library of Congress Subject Headings and DCMI to get this first run of documents up. Hopefully, subsequent batches are larger and more frequent…but for now here’s a taste of what we’re going to someday share.

Thanks again to everyone how entrusted us with these family treasures!! Also, to all the fellow nerds who want to know how this was all done, expect a detailed post to follow soon!

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